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Autism and Reframing Behaviour

This training will introduce participants to the ongoing paradigm shift in understanding behaviour  from a physiological perspective, drawing on research from neuroscience, psychology, and  interpersonal neurobiology. It will encourage participants to pause and reflect on their current beliefs and reactions to the behavioural differences presenting within their autistic students. Participants will be supported to consider behavioural differences that are authentic to the autistic young person and their invaluable role in maintaining joy in their lives. Furthermore, participants will be supported to understand the underlying factors contributing to distressed behaviours, and how supporting professionals can help

Specific topics will include:
· understanding the ongoing paradigm shift in how we think about behaviour
· factors that contribute to distressed behaviour for an autistic young person
· the important role of neuroception and sense of “felt safety” in promoting a balanced
regulatory state
· the importance of professional self-care in the context of supporting an autistic young
person in distress

Participants will:
· gain an understanding of the ongoing paradigm shift in how we think about “behaviour”
presenting in our autistic children and young people
· learn to recognise their inner biases, judgements and beliefs that may be impacting upon
how they support an autistic young person in distress
· understand the underlying and environmental factors contributing to distress and
overwhelm within the autistic young person
· understand their role in managing their own regulation as an essential process to the
coregulatory support they provide their autistic students.

Course Overview
Paradigm shift and reframing our perception of behaviour. Underlying and environmental
factors contributing to distressed behaviour. Proactive and reactive supports when working with distressed behaviour.

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Tutor's organisation: Middletown Centre of Autism

Course Dates


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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