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Urinary Bladder Catheterisation (PM)

Urinary Bladder Catheterisation

Urinary Bladder Catheterisation is a clinical skill that is frequently required for the person whose ability to micturate effectively has been compromised, for those requiring an invasive diagnostic procedure and also for those requiring the procedure routinely post-operatively.   This tutorial provides the theoretical component with respect to male and female urinary bladder catheterisation and care of a supra-pubic catheter, and includes a practical demonstration of male urinary bladder catheterisation using an anatomical model.   Each participant will receive certification of attendance relating to the theoretical teaching of urinary bladder catheterisation and care of a Supra-Pubic Catheter.  PLEASE NOTE: The completion of this tutorial does NOT provide the participant with the competency to undertake any form of urinary bladder catheterisation in ANY clinical facility.  Competency with respect to the practical component of this skill MUST be determined by your employer, normally following the completion of a determined number of urinary bladder catheterisations under supervision as stated in the Clinical facility Urinary Bladder Catheterisation policy   It is delivered by Wesley Sterling, Tutor to Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, Queens University Belfast. NMC Practice Educator


Wed 18 March – 10am – 12.30pm – UNISON Belfast

Wed 18 March – 1.30pm – 4pm – UNISON Belfast

Wed 14 Oct – 10.00am – 12.30pm – UNISON Belfast

Wed 14 Oct  – 1.30pm – 4pm – UNISON Belfast

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