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POSTPONED – IV Cannulation & Venepuncture

Venepuncture and IV Cannulation

This tutorial will provide the Health Care Practitioner (HCP), with the knowledge and understanding of the safe and appropriate theoretical and practical components relating to the clinical skills of Venepuncture and Intra-venous (IV) Cannulation.

Successful completion of the tutorial will require each participant to undertake, under supervision, one venepuncture and one cannula insertion on an anatomical model, using simulation veins and simulated blood fluid.

This tutorial is available to any HCP who is required, within the context of their employment, to access a vein to remove blood for analysis and/or to insert a cannula

PLEASE NOTE: The completion of this tutorial does NOT provide the participant with the competency to undertake Venepuncture or IV Cannulation in ANY clinical facility.

Competency with respect to the practical component of this skill MUST be determined by the HCP’s employer, normally following the completion of a determined number of Venepunctures and IV Cannulations under supervision as per Clinical facility Venepuncture and IV Cannulation policy

Course Dates


1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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