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Growing Older Growing Stronger ( Frailty isn’t Inevitable )

“Frailty is a clinically recognised state of increased vulnerability. It results from ageing
associated with a decline in the body’s physical and psychological reserves.”
(British Geriatrics Society)
As the number of older people in the population increases, we are seeing a greater number of
people affected by frailty. Older people with frailty are at a high risk of rapid deterioration in
wellbeing, admission to hospital and residential care. Frailty is therefore a major public health
issue. Although frailty is associated with ageing it is not inevitable and there is much that can
be done to prevent it.
This workshop will explore frailty what it means, the risk factors and interventions/actions
that prevent and minimise the risk of frailty. This workshop is suitable for people who are
interested in improving their own health and/or that of family members and staff involved
with care of older people.


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Tutor: Una Lynch

Tutor's organisation: Sonrisa

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10:30 am - 1:00 pm

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