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Promoting Dignity in Health & Social Care

““Treat people as individuals and uphold their dignity” (NMC & NISCC Code). Improve your practice by developing your ability to articulate how what you do contributes to and upholds dignity. Dignity is at the heart of effective health and social care. But what does dignity mean? How does dignity relate to human rights obligations? People can identify with the notion of dignity and can tell when their dignity has been violated. Dignity is however notoriously difficult to articulate. And when health systems fail – an inability to uphold to dignity is usually at the centre. If a practitioner can’t describe or explain what dignity means it is difficult if not impossible to ‘uphold dignity’.

This training programme provides participants with a deep understanding of dignity and is aimed at contributing to RQIA goals. It begins with an historical overview of philosophical approaches to dignity and examines the reasons why it is accepted that all people, including their dead bodies should be treated with dignity. The training is very participative and draws on real life scenarios. It will be delivered by Dr Una Lynch from Sonrisa Solutions Ltd., a qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor – she has worked in academia, policy and practice for over thirty years and holds a doctorate in governance.”

Tutor: Dr Una Lynch

Course Dates


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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