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Managing Challenging Conversations

Interaction with other people is a normal day to day activity but how can you most effectively manage more complex scenarios? Shauna Hughes, CEO at EyeChange Consultancy, will share her expertise, equipping delegates to feel more confident about how to conduct and manage difficult conversations.

Best practice workplace advice will be explored using, in part, real life scenarios. As a master NLP practitioner, Shauna will explore the use of language and you will learn how to spot when a conversation is heading towards confrontation and how to diffuse the situation using language. Body language cues will also be discussed.

Accrediting Body: Eligible for the Training for the Domiciliary Care /Supported Living Workforce Project administered by NISCC

Tutor: Shauna Hughes

Tutor's organisation: Eye Change Consultancy

Course Dates


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This course is no longer available for applications.