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COVID 19 – What is it?

Understanding Covid19. A short introductory course for non-health workers 

Covid-19 is the greatest public health challenge of modern times. By June 2020 over half a million people have died from the disease. In Northern Ireland more than 8,000 people have died from Covid-19 or as a complication of having Covid-19 infection (NISRA, 26/06/2020). To help fight this disease it is important that we are all have good information and understand how to protect ourselves and others.  

This short course is designed for people with no qualifications in health or social care. The aim is to help our community to develop a deeper understanding of COVID19 and the ways in which we can protect ourselves, our family, friends, and colleagues. 

The course will outline the difference between COVID19, Coruna Virus and Sars-C0V-2. The reason why Covid-19 is described as a pandemic will be explained 

The signs and symptoms of Covid-19 will be listed. Participants will understand what to do if they think that they or someone that they know or live with might have the disease. 

Some people are more at risk of developing serious disease and dying from it who these people are, will be illustrated. 

Participants will understand why the R value is important and the factors that influence it.

The ways in which Covid-19 is spread will be highlighted.  The reasons why hand washing, physical distancing and wearing masks are important in preventing Covid-19 will be explained.


Contact tracing and the reasons why it is so important in controlling the disease will be clarified.



Tutor: Una Lynch

Course Dates


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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